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“The effective management of an organization’s public image is often the determining factor in its success or lack thereof.”

Public Relations

We recognize the critical significance in polished and timely public relations practices and have identified the fine line between effective promotion and overly-aggressive pitching. Our professional style of public relations has yielded time and time again.

Some of our public relations solutions include:

  • Corporate or organizational newsletter development (print/electronic circulation)
  • Commercial brochures and advertisement
  • Press releases on either a regular or per-event basis
  • Trade displays
  • Other collateral materials

Corporate Identity

An organization’s identity is the point from which all of its marketing efforts should flow, whether web site, logo, or other printed materials, this identity is a company’s public face. It is the image conjured in the mind of each customer upon contact and even more importantly, the image they retain afterwards. It is the single most important image element in any organization.

At Methodigm Communications & Technology, we provide 360° image solutions for those wishing to establish or update their public identity.


We specialize in marketing consulting and promote a variety of proven marketing tools to assist organizations in realizing their profit and/or exposure goals.

Some of the marketing initiatives we subscribe to include:

  • Direct Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing
  • E-Marketing in the Internet Age


We are proud to continue our long tradition of providing creative and technical communications services. They include:

  • Writing Services (Technical and Creative)
  • Editing/Professional Critiques
  • Content Consultation and Management
  • Website Content Development
  • Annual and Other Corporate/Organizational Reports
  • Ad Campaigns/Slogans
  • Newsletters Production
  • Public Relations Materials
  • Printing Services and Consultation
  • Cohesive Image Packaging

Our client retention is attributed in no small measure to the fact that we provide all of our 360º image solutions under a single roof. Our writers have honed their skills in an impressive roster of journalistic, technical and government arenas, making them top in their fields.

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With competition becoming increasingly fierce, organizations are searching for that edge that will propel their bottom line over quote openthe top.


Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how your organization can benefit from our services.

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